Anxiety and how to deal with it.

What is anxiety to you? To me it’s this constant feeling of dread and guilt that bubbles up inside your stomach making its way to your brain. Like a bottle of champagne that bubbles inside the glass bottle and when you pop the cork it explodes upwards, like it’s exploding in your brain. Expect with anxiety once the bottle is popped it doesn’t just disappear, it lingers for days, weeks or years taking over your life. There are some things we can do to decrease these nasty effects of anxiety though..

  • Talk about what’s bothering you with a friend or family member.

This sounds so simple but this can really work. I know with myself being a massive worrier I can worry about the tiniest details that someone else would laugh at me for. Sometimes this is what you need, so telling a friend what’s making you worry and explaining it to them can make you feel a million times better when they laugh in your face and tell you you’re being ridiculous. Sometimes you do just need someone else to reassure that you’re worrying about absolutely nothing.

  • Write a list

If you’re worrying about things you need to do then write a list! Figure out what is the most pressing task you need to do and write it at the top of that list and mark it off once you complete it. Get an app on your phone which will remind you of these tasks that you need to complete so you don’t forget! Writing a list can make you feel like you have accomplished something even by just writing it down, and marking it off your list is closure for finishing that task.

  • Draw or colour

I’m not an artist at all but I find colouring can really help soothe the anxious feelings in my brain as it makes me focus completely on something else. I have an app on my phone called pixel art which is almost like a digital paint by numbers and I find this really helps when on the go and feeling anxious. I use it when sitting on the train to work or when I’m home laying in bed unable to sleep because of the thoughts going on in my mind. If you’re not phone savvy then you can buy adult colouring books from many stores.

  • Go for a walk in the forest or countryside

Get outside and take a walk with nature. Looking at green things can help with anxiety, weird but true! It can help soothe the anxious thoughts and along with the fresh air it can really help clear your head. Try walking with your favourite music on or without music, take a small amount of time just listening to the birds and the other sounds around you whilst trying not to focus on what’s going on in your brain. Although if you’re as clumsy as me then watch out for those logs on the floor or the branches that come out from no where and hit you straight in the face.

  • Watch ASMR

Now, this last one isn’t for everyone but I enjoy watching ASMR at night time when I’m struggling to sleep or turn my brain off. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. This is the tingly feeling on your head or scalp when you feel relaxed which then travels down the rest of your body. It normally features a YouTuber talking softly, making noises into a microphone or using different objects to make sounds which are meant to soothe you and relax you completely and sometimes even make you fall asleep. I was very sceptical of this at first until I tried it and loved it! I have really seen a difference in how quickly I fall asleep when I listen to ASMR and am so glad I didn’t just laugh it off. If you’re struggling with anxiety then please give ASMR a go ( even if your friends laugh at you, WHO CARES )

Remember, you are you, and you is very important. You are not alone and you are flawsome.

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