How do we deal with trauma? Some people run away, some people fight the trauma and others pretend it never happened. I have personally had a few traumatic events happen in my life and as an Aries ( a fire sign ) and a very stubborn woman I always want to fight my way through the trauma. The problem with fighting is you will burn out eventually and there will be a point you will no longer be able to fight. This happened to me recently and I realised from this experience that sometimes you need to accept that the trauma has happened and that it is part of your life. Secondly you need to think of a life plan on how to get over the trauma and how to use the trauma to positively change your life somehow. I started writing this blog to try and use my traumatic experiences and the depression and demons that come from these traumatic experiences to try and help others because what is the point in going through all this trauma and not helping someone out there who is drowning. Use your trauma and make something great from it. “Some are lost in the fire. And some are built from it”

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