The benefit of pets

My naughty little kitten

Pets can really be beneficial when dealing with mental health problems. Studies show that petting a cute animal can really help with anxiety, stress and depression. I have an 11 week old kitten called Milo and just spending 10 minutes a day with him or when he curls up on my lap to sleep can make me go from having an awful day to a half decent one ( that’s when he’s not biting my hands apart as he’s teething currently ) Even though my hands look like they’ve been through a blender I love that naughty little kitten. 1) Pets especially dogs get you outside, even on your worst days you need to get up and go outside to walk your animal friend. The fresh air boosts your mood and can really set you up for the rest of the day. 2) When you stroke or groom your pet it releases oxytocin, a chemical that helps relieve anxiety which helps reduce blood pressure as well! 3) You have someone to talk to. Yes it might sound silly but having a pet to just talk random nonsense too can help. Even on your loneliest days you can feel like you’re talking to a friend ( who doesn’t talk back and tell you all your ideas are stupid ) 4) They can give you a purpose. If you’re feeling suicidal or like you’ve really had enough then having a pet gives you a purpose. It could be the difference between taking your life and staying alive to look after your little animal. 5) They love you unconditionally. Nothing you do can be wrong in your animals eyes! As long as they get fed, watered and loved they will always love you and always want to be by your side. Big up to pets for making us feel a million times better.

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