No rain, no flowers.

I like this quote because it makes a lot of sense to me. Without rain flowers cannot grow. With rain flowers are vibrant, full of life and beautiful. Rain is horrible, you get wet and it ruins your hair and means you have to change your clothes. For a flower, the rain might nearly drown it or destroy it, and it may even look like it’s dying, but with the right amount of rain the flower bounces back to life, bigger and better than before. You can think like this with your mental health. Yes, you could go through life without a worry in the world with an excellent mental wellness. However, what then happens when you get to a bump in the road if you have never experienced this before? Just like rain mental health problems like depression and anxiety can initially be disappointing, annoying and upsetting. With the correct balance and care you can bounce back from the rain, be full of life, laughter and happiness and be stronger and able to confront any bump along the way. Remember, NO RAIN, NO FLOWERS.

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