Life is full of different pressures. Work pressure, relationship pressure, money pressure and a whole lot more. Everywhere you turn there are different pressures waiting for you to make you stressed and anxious. Why do we as humans have to rush everything? Why do we put pressure on ourselves to have a family before the age of 30, or have everything figured out by the time we are 25. Who gives a fuck!!! We can’t all be perfect as perfect doesn’t exist, putting unnecessary pressures on ourselves to meet certain goals will only cause us to have mental health problems but yet we still do it. Who says we have to have kids by the age of 30? Or have our dream job by 25? We all live our own lives at our own pace, it’s just society which makes us feel like we need to move out quickly, have kids quickly and find the love of our lives quickly. I personally have struggled with pressures of not feeling good enough, worrying about work and being the best person I can be, I put way to much pressure on myself to be the best and am in constant competition with other people inside my mind. All this does is cause anxiety and depression and makes me miserable. Let’s stop listening to society and our unrealistic pressures and just be positive, take each day as it comes and be the kindest person we can be.

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