Exercise and mental health

Exercise has a positive impact on everyone’s mental health. Going for a walk, going to the gym, doing a home workout or yoga, whatever your choice of exercise, just 20 minutes is proven to improve your mood, release endorphins and help with general well being. I try to go to the gym at least 4 times a week and enjoy long walks in the park but don’t get me wrong some days the though it getting myself to the gym kills me. Some days I would honestly rather stick pins in my eyes than go to the gym, but I have to remind myself when I’m feeling like this how amazing I feel after a workout. I’m not talking about the sweaty, smelly mess I am at the end of an hours workout but the psychological benefits it has on me. I feel uplifted, happier and just generally in a much better mood. After a workout I’m more proactive and productive and it makes me want to better my life. Anxiety and depression can really make you feel like shit and I know better than anyone that trying to get yourself to the gym involves rolling out of bed and crawling to your wardrobe and dressing in the first gym clothes you find, walking slowly to the front door and finding anything possible to try and stop you leaving. HOWEVER only 10 minutes in to my workout no matter how awful I felt prior I feel a million times better. Exercise can help when stressed, it can boost your self esteem and improve your anxiety. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or a marathon runner but try and get yourself outside for a walk/ run or to the gym three times a week and watch your mental health improve and start to believe that physical activity and exercise is something you WANT to do not SHOULD do.

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