Fuck Depression.

Seriously fuck depression. You wake up feeling fine, actually more than fine, pretty good to be honest. Then all of a sudden something can happen to fuck that all up. I apologise for the amount of swear words in this post however I’m having one of those days. I woke up this morning feeling happy, fresh and positive. Within an hour that goes out the window and I start to feel anxious, sad and just generally pissed off. What the fuck is with depression and why do so many people suffer with it? I absolutely hate it. So after i woke up feeling positive and then went from positive to negative within hours I decided to go to the gym to release some endorphins and to start feeling more positive. Of course this helps a little, exercise has always helped with my anxiety and depression and also helps with my self esteem. I just wished the positivity would last all day and wouldn’t disappear like a batch of cookies on the counter. I take anti depressants, and while they numb some of the depression it doesn’t cure or get rid of it. Why can’t there be a pill you take to rid yourself of all the bad thoughts and the anxiety? Fuck depression and fuck anxiety. I want to live a healthy happy life, and I will keep fighting until I get that.

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